How to Fix the EPC Light on a Volkswagen?

Volkswagen EPC Light

As you are driving around Bedford, don’t ignore dashboard warning lights when you see them on your Volkswagen vehicle. One example is the EPC warning light.  EPC stands for Electric Power Control, and this light means there is a problem with the throttle system or sensors in your vehicle. You might be wondering how to fix the EPC light on a VW, but this could be a serious problem, so it’s best to contact Classic Volkswagen and come in to get it tested.

What Is the EPC Light?

What does it mean if the VW EPC light comes on during your daily commute in the Willoughby area? It means trouble! The most important thing is that your vehicle probably needs immediate repairs. You can still drive, but only as far as you need to to find a service expert.


What causes a Volkswagen EPC warning light to turn on? Here are some possible issues:

  • Throttle pedal or throttle body issues
  • Cruise control trouble
  • Engine speed sensor error
  • Mass airflow sensor error
  • Issues with your brake light switch


In some cases, the solution might be as simple as a malfunctioning sensor. These degrade naturally over time, as you drive around Chardon. It could also be a problem with the throttle system. This can be an expensive repair, so you’ll definitely want to check out our VW parts specials before you visit.

Can You Perform a VW EPC Light Reset at Home?

While it is possible to perform some maintenance tasks at home, a VW EPC light reset isn’t one of them. The VW EPC light can signal a serious problem, and you need to schedule service as soon as possible.


Our team has the specialized equipment to immediately diagnose issues with your Volkswagen vehicle. Although you can pick up a tool to do the job at your local Volkswagen parts department, the sensitive repairs required to reset a VW EPC warning light should be trusted to trained and experienced technicians.

Let Classic Volkswagen Put You Back on the Road!

Now that you know what the EPC light is and why it is important, come see the experts at our Mentor service center to get it checked out! Schedule service today to get back on the road!

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